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RV Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist || 6 Pages

RV Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist || 6 Pages

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We think the Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist might be one of the most important documents you'll have on your RV journey. Whether you're buying new or used, it's vital to document any and all issues you find during your PDI to ensure it will be corrected by the dealership. We've all heard a nightmare story of an issue being missed during the PDI and the dealership refusing to fix it later or even worse, try to say you caused it after the inspection.

Additionally, researching what to check and trying to keep a list is exhausting. There are so many different PDI checklists out there and of course they are all in different formats and organized differently.

This six page PDF is clear and concise and will guide you through how to prepare for your PDI, the detailed checklist of items to inspect on the interior and exterior of your RV, as well as a wrap up sheet to keep track of any issues that need to be resolved with the dealership.

*Please note this is an instant download and nothing will be mailed to you. By purchasing this product you acknowledge it is for personal use only and Getaway Couple LLC retains all rights, license, copyright, title, and ownership of the products. 

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