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The Organized RVer Bundle || 41 Pages

The Organized RVer Bundle || 41 Pages

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The RV lifestyle is awesome but the truth is it can get totally chaotic at times. There is so much information to keep track of regarding insurance, weight limits, maintenance, warranties, campground bookings, things you want to see, planning meals, moving day checklists, and so much more! Tracking all of this information is overwhelming, especially when you don't have a centralized point for it all. You can be hunting through paperwork to find your warranty card, searching emails to find that one campground booking, scouring your phone for a quick departure checklist you made on the fly... or you can finally get organized with this RV bundle. 

We're full time RVers that got sick of the disorganization surrounding our lifestyle and created a one stop binder for all of our needs. Insurance card? In the binder! Checklist for moving day? In the binder! Weight limits for our truck and RV? In the binder! Upcoming campgrounds, National Parks, RV maintenance? IN THE BINDER!

Alright, we think you get it. This 41 page bundle includes: 

  • Cover
  • United States Checklist
  • United States National Parks Checklist
  • RV Campground Booking Worksheet 
  • RV Campground Review Worksheet 
  • Arrival Checklist (2 pages)
  • Departure Checklist (4 pages)
  • Gas Mileage Tracker
  • RV Maintenance Worksheet
  • Truck Maintenance Worksheet
  • Toad Maintenance Worksheet
  • RV Upgrades Worksheet
  • RV Warranties Worksheet
  • Insurance Information Worksheet
  • Weights and Limits Workbook (8 pages)
  • RV Meal Planner and Shopping List (3 pages)
  • Blank Calendar (12 pages)

*Binder not included. Please note this is an instant download and nothing will be mailed to you. By purchasing this product you acknowledge it is for personal use only and Getaway Couple LLC retains all rights, license, copyright, title, and ownership of the products. 

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