Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder

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Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Tank Tune-Up Holding Tank Treatment Powder

Tank Tune-Up was created by full-time RVers Jason and Rae Miller. After going through multiple different tank treatment products, we realized there wasn't one product that did it all. Some are developed to eliminate odors, while others are developed to break down waste, but none were truly formulated to do both; until now.

Tank Tune-Up contains everything you need to break down waste and eliminate odors. Not only that, we don't use any fillers in our product. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, but if you don't, feel free to take advantage of our money-back guarantee.


Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Bacillus Bacteria, Amylase Enzymes, Protease Enzymes, Cellulase Enzymes, Lipase Enzymes, Sodium Citrate


Scoop it, Rinse it, Forget it! One scoop treats 40 gallons.

Fill toilet for treatment of black tank, or fill sink for treatment of gray tank with approximately 1-3 gallons of water. Shake the container of Tank Tune-Up first, then sprinkle one scoop into the water. Flush the toilet or drain the sink. Use an additional 1-3 gallons to rinse the product into the tank.



Sodium percarbonate and aerobic bacteria offer a potent combination for eliminating odors in RV holding tanks. Sodium percarbonate, when activated with water, releases oxygen, breaking down organic matter and neutralizing odors through oxidation. This process also creates an environment conducive for aerobic bacteria to thrive. These bacteria further decompose organic waste, including solids and liquids, into harmless byproducts like carbon dioxide and water, thus addressing the source of odors rather than merely masking them. Together, they ensure the tank remains cleaner and odor-free, making the RV environment more pleasant for occupants.


Unlock the power of nature with our advanced RV holding tank solution, featuring a dynamic duo of select strains of bacteria and specialized enzymes, designed to tackle the toughest waste and toilet paper challenges. Enzymes immediately start breaking down complex waste molecules (like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) into smaller, more manageable pieces. This initial breakdown makes it easier for bacteria to do their job. The bacteria consume these smaller particles as food, further digesting the waste into even simpler components like water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria then grow and reproduce, continuously creating more enzymes.


Enjoy the power of sodium citrate in our RV holding tank treatment for flawless sensor performance. As a natural chelating agent, sodium citrate effectively binds to and dissolves mineral deposits and organic residues that typically impair sensor function. By preventing these accumulations it ensures your tank sensors operate accurately, giving you reliable insights into your system's status. This action ensures sensors remain clean and responsive, providing accurate waste level readings. Moreover, its gentle, non-corrosive properties protect sensor integrity over time, preventing the need for frequent maintenance.


Opting for powder over drop-in pods or liquid treatments for your RV holding tank offers unparalleled ease and flexibility. Powder formulations allow for precise dosage adjustment to match the specific needs of your tank, ensuring optimal performance regardless of tank size or waste level. This customization prevents under or overdosing, a common issue with pre-measured pods or liquids. Additionally, powders dissolve quickly, facilitating a more uniform distribution of the active ingredients throughout the tank. This efficient dispersal aids in faster waste breakdown and odor control. Furthermore, powder treatments are lightweight and compact, maximizing storage space in your RV. Choose powder for a hassle-free, efficient, and tailored approach to RV holding tank maintenance.


Our RV holding tank treatment stands out for its unmatched versatility, designed to cater to all types of holding tanks: black, gray, cassette, boat, and even home septic systems. This universal formula ensures effective waste breakdown and odor control across diverse environments, making it an all-in-one solution for your toilet treatment needs. Whether you're navigating the open roads in your RV, sailing the waters, or managing your home septic, our treatment guarantees a seamless, odor-free experience. Embrace the simplicity of using one product for all your waste treatment requirements, enhancing convenience and effectiveness in maintaining clean, functional systems.


Crafted with the planet in mind, our RV toilet treatment features friendly ingredients. Sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate offer natural cleaning power that breaks down organic waste without harmful chemicals. Sodium citrate, a chelating agent, softens water and enhances cleaning efficiency. The bacteria and enzymes form a bio-active team that digests waste, transforming it into harmless substances like water and carbon dioxide. Together, these components ensure a powerful, eco-conscious solution for waste management in RVs, boats, and septic systems, promoting a healthier environment.


Tank Tune-Up is California SB-317 Compliant. California campgrounds requested and welcomed the formaldehyde ban in RV tank treatments. Most RV holding tank products previously contained formaldehyde or a formaldehyde derivative like bronopol. These chemicals broke down waste and prevented toilet odors. However, they also killed the natural bacteria used in many onsite campground wastewater management systems. When RVs dumped into a campground wastewater system, the chemicals killed off the natural organisms - causing the campground systems to fail. This then released untreated sewage into the local environment and polluted the surrounding soil and groundwater.


Powered by a robust blend of bacteria and enzymes, our RV black tank treatment is engineered for lasting effectiveness, ensuring a hassle-free period between dumps. The dual action formula actively continues to break down waste and toilet paper, transforming them into simpler, harmless compounds. The continuous action of enzymes, coupled with the growth and metabolic processes of bacteria, maintains odor control, regardless of the duration. This means the treatment keeps working tirelessly, adapting to the changing conditions within the tanks, and remains active until you're ready to empty your tanks.