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Weights and Limits Workbook || 8 Pages

Weights and Limits Workbook || 8 Pages

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When purchasing your truck, trailer, or motorhome one of the most confusing topics is weights and limits. How much can your truck tow? How much weight can your RV hold? What's the difference between pin weight and gross weight? 

The Weights and Limits Workbook will help you answer all of these questions. The first page is a glossary of the most common terms related to this topic. Once you have a grasp on what the terms mean, you'll be able to complete the weight and limits worksheets that apply to your truck and RV. This workbook includes worksheets for the following: 

  • Truck 
  • Class C
  • Class A - 2 axle
  • Class A -3 axle
  • Trailer
  • Fifth wheel - 2 axle
  • Fifth wheel - 3 axle
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